Greetings from Honorary Chair

about_mayor.jpgFukuoka, a city with long history as being a gateway for exchange with other regions of Asia, has been developed and flourished under the influence of our predecessors by their wisdom and efforts of accepting various cultures and welcoming visitors with warm hospitality.

In addition to the blessing from our predecessors, the achievements from all the laureates have enlightened us for a better understanding of Asia where we live in, and we have therefore deepened our exchange with people from other Asian regions.

These lead to our city’s vision to make Fukuoka a focal point of exchanges in the new era of Asia by nourishing this valuable people-to-people relationship.

I hope that ethos of a determination to promote and understand the distinctive cultures of Asia and to further peace that the Fukuoka Prize upholds, will penetrate into Asia and every edge in the world. Your understanding and contribution would be much appreciated.

October 1, 2012
Honorary Chair, Fukuoka prize Committee
Mayor, Fukuoka City