The Fukuoka Prize 2004 Event Reports

The Fukuoka Prize 2004 Award ceremony

September 17, 2004 (14:00 - 16:00)
ACROS Fukuoka Symphony Hall

The Prize Presentation Ceremony for the 15th Fukuoka Asian Culture Prizes 2004 was held with attendance by approximately 850 people, including Their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Akishino, representatives from the embassies of the laureates’ countries, exchange students in Fukuoka, guests from international exchange organizations, business circles, universities, and local organizations as well as the citizens of Fukuoka City.

At the ceremony, His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino delivered an Imperial Address, followed by an introduction of the laureates’ profiles on a video screen and the prize presentation by the organizing committee.  Congratulatory addresses were also made by guests, H. E. Ambassador Kawai Masao from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kawai Hayao,  Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs (Director Nishisaka Noboru, Arts and Culture Division, Cultural Affairs Dept. of the Agency read on his behalf), and Governor Aso Wataru of Fukuoka Prefecture, praising the laureates’ contributions.  Each of the laureates expressed their joy upon receiving the prizes and shared their views with the citizens of Fukuoka City.

A special music performance of the sarod by the Grand Prize laureate Mr. Amjad Ali Khan and his group added an extra touch of beauty to the ceremony.

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Public Lectures 2004

Laureates introduced the ideas and thoughts of their specialized fields in their lectures, talks with panelists, and performances.

School Visits 2004

Laureates visited elementary, junior and high schools in Fukuoka to send valuable messages to the students.

Other Events 2004

Laureates shared their thoughts and views with local experts on their fields.

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