The Fukuoka Prize 2006 Event Reports

The Fukuoka Prize 2006 Award ceremony

September 14, 2006 (18:00 - 19:40)
Fukuoka International Congress Center, Main Hall
Agnes Chang

With Ms. Agnes Chan serving as a Master of Ceremony, the Prize Presentation Ceremony for the 17th Fukuoka Asian Culture Prizes 2006 was held in a solemn atmosphere with the attendance of approximately 1,000 people, including His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino, representatives from the embassies, international exchange organizations, business circles and universities, exchange students in Fukuoka, and guests from local organizations as well as the citizens of Fukuoka. 

 In the first part of the ceremony, brief introductions of the laureates’ achievements were made, after which the laureates were welcomed on stage in a big round of applause from the audience.  A greetings from the organizing committee representative, an Imperial address delivered by His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino, and the summary of the screening process were made before the laureates were bestowed their prizes by the organizing committee representatives.  Each of the laureates expresses their joy upon receiving the prizes, their views on Asia, and messages to the citizens of Fukuoka City.  Students at Fukuoka International School presented the laureates with flower bouquets, inviting another generous applause from the floor. 

Students at the Department of Asian Studies, Chikushi Jogakuen University, beautifully dressed in Japanese kimono, escorted the laureates on the stage to add an extra touch to the ceremony  

In the second part, a dialogue between the four laureates and Agnes Chan was made in a friendly atmosphere.  Then, representing the citizens of Fukuoka, one of the students at the Faculty of Humanities, Fukuoka University offered his congratulations to the laureates.  The ceremony came to an impressive conclusion when Agnes Chan sang the song “Flower of Happiness” together with the audience.

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Public Lectures 2006

Laureates introduced the ideas and thoughts of their specialized fields in their lectures, talks with panelists, and performances.

School Visits 2006

Laureates visited elementary, junior and high schools in Fukuoka to send valuable messages to the students.

Other Events 2006

Laureates shared their thoughts and views with local experts on their fields.

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