The Fukuoka Prize 2010 Event Reports

The Fukuoka Prize 2010 Award ceremony

September 16, 2010 (18:20 - 20:00)
Fukuoka International Congress Center
Fumi Dan

Their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Akishino attended the award ceremony, joining an audience of around 1,000 citizens and representative from different countries and cultural fields in celebrating the Prize. In the first part of the event, the laureates were led to the stage by students from the Asian Cultural Studies Department of Chikushi Jogakuen University, dressed in beautiful kimonos. Citations and medals were presented by Fukuoka City Mayor, Hiroshi Yoshida, and Michisada Kamata, Chair of the Yokatopia Foundation, after which each recipient gave a speech expressing his or her joy, and addressing the citizens of Fukuoka. Students from Fukuoka International School presented bouquets to the recipients, at which the audience gave a resounding round of applause.

In the second part of the event, the actress Fumi Dan acted as MC and hosted a genial talk with the laureates, who spoke of the things they were interested in as children, how they spend their time now, and other aspects of their personal lives, showing surprising insights and areas of common ground between them. After this, Ms. Shoko Kawahara gave a congratulatory message on behalf of the citizens of Fukuoka, and the evening closed with a performance on the kayagum of Grand Prize winner Hwang Byung-ki’s most famous work, Sounds of the Night.

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Public Lectures 2010

Laureates introduced the ideas and thoughts of their specialized fields in their lectures, talks with panelists, and performances.

HWANG Byung-ki
James C. SCOTT
MORI Kazuko
ONG Keng Sen

School Visits 2010

Laureates visited elementary, junior and high schools in Fukuoka to send valuable messages to the students.

HWANG Byung-ki
James C. SCOTT
MORI Kazuko
ONG Keng Sen

Other Events 2010

Laureates shared their thoughts and views with local experts on their fields.

HWANG Byung-ki
MORI Kazuko
ONG Keng Sen

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You can download the annual report 2010 in Adobe PDF to check all the events and programs of the Fukuoka Prize 2010.

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