The Fukuoka Prize 2014 Event Reports

The Fukuoka Prize 2014 Award ceremony

Thursday, September 18
Fukuoka Symphony Hall (ACROS Fukuoka)

The 25th Fukuoka Prize award ceremony was held in honor of the laureates in the presence of Their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Akishino, Fukuoka citizens, foreign guests and representatives from various fields.

The bouncing sound of shamisen and the colorful, formative art by projection mapping added uplifting feelings to the opening of the Fukuoka Prize award ceremony and celebrated its 25th anniversary. Three laureates received tremendous applause as they walked from the center of the audience seats up to the stage. At first, Mr. TAKASHIMA Soichiro, Mayor of Fukuoka City, gave a speech and expressed his resolve to facilitate exchange through Asian Party that has advanced its concept from “Knowing Asia” to "Creating Asia". His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino then congratulated the laureates on their winning the prize. His address was followed by the report on the selection process by Prof. ARIKAWA Setsuo, Chair of Fukuoka Prize Jury and President of Kyushu University. After that Mayor TAKASHIMA and Mr. SUEYOSHI Norio, Chair of the Fukuoka City International Foundation, presented award certificates and medals to the laureates. A representative of Fukuoka City citizens offered a congratulatory message, after which children dressed in formal wear from Fukuoka International School presented the laureates with bouquets, followed by thunderous applause.

The second part opened with speeches by the laureates, then they answered questions from the representatives of citizens, expressing their own thoughts on “Expectation toward Fukuoka”, “Interest in Japanese culture”, and “The source of energy for their work”. In the following part, the audience enjoyed the collaborative performance of Gagaku and Kunqu Opera. The beautiful sound of Gagaku played by Mr. TOGI Hideki, who was dressed in full Japanese court dress of traditional fashion, and the splendid dance by Ms. Xu Sijia, created mesmerizing resonances. The award ceremony was then closed in an elegant atmosphere with Mr. TOGI’s celebratory music that echoed far and away.

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Public Lectures 2014

Laureates introduced the ideas and thoughts of their specialized fields in their lectures, talks with panelists, and performances.

Azyumardi Azra
Danny YUNG

School Visits 2014

Laureates visited elementary, junior and high schools in Fukuoka to send valuable messages to the students.

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Danny YUNG

Other Events 2014

Laureates shared their thoughts and views with local experts on their fields.

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Danny YUNG

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You can download the annual report 2014 in Adobe PDF to check all the events and programs of the Fukuoka Prize 2014.

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