FAQs about Events

We've attempted to answer many of our users' commonly asked questions. Please refer to the FAQs about Events below that may answer your questions before you Contact Us.

Are the parking lots available for visitors to attend the award ceremony?

Parking lots at the venue are unavailable when the award ceremony is held. There are several metered parking spaces around the venue, and visitors are encouraged to use public transportation.

I sent an application form, but I haven't received any reply from the committee yet.

When submitting your application, an automatic application confirmation message will be immediately sent to you from the Fukuoka Prize Committee. If you didn’t receive any reply message, there may be a few reasons;

  • Check your spam folder to see if your e-mail program or e-mail provider is filtering out our e-mails
  • Incorrect mail address or spam-blocking function of mobile phones (which restricts incoming e-mails only from designated domains or e-mail addresses) might have caused the error

In most cases, the applications are successfully made even if the applicants don’t receive the confirmation mails. Please call the toll-free phone number before you try to complete the application again.

I applied for the award ceremony, but I have not yet received the entry ticket(s).

The entrance ticket(s) for the event will be mailed to the address provided at the time of the application. In case you do not receive the ticket(s) one week prior to the event, please call the toll-free phone number (Japanese only). 

Can I take photo during the ceremony?

No, only media and a limited number of our staffs are allowed to take photo during the Award Ceremony.

As I plan to attend the ceremony, I would like to know if there is any dress code.

There is no dress code for the ceremony.  However, most of the invited guests are expected to dress formally with neckties and jackets. We recommend comfortable clothing appropriate for a professional setting.

As we have central heating system installed, we may not be able to control air condition in part.  While some seats may seem colder then others, you may want to bring something to keep yourself warm, e.g. shawl or scarf.