Berklee A.R.Rahman Scholarship established!

rahman scholarship2016.jpg

Barkley College of Music, located in Boston, United States, has established a scholarship named after A.R. Rahman, the Grand Prize laureate of this year’s Fukuoka Prize, in May 2016.

Berkley A.R. Rahman Scholarship aims to provide a quality education for talented Indian students. This scholarship which covers tuition for four years is basically awarded to students with Indian citizenship.

The first scholarship was awarded to three Indian students at the ceremony in Mumbai on 20 May.

"This is really unimaginable", Mr. Rahman told there "for our talent to go there and become great musicians. This is really a dream come true". He added that he had aspired to go to Berklee when he was younger but he cannot do due to various reasons. He chose to work, which has produced brilliant achievements. However, he really wanted to study music there at that time. Such his remarks implied his passion for this scholarship. 


Image credit: Pamela Hersch Gonzalez

He also said "Knowledge can change everything. These three going to there and coming back with so much knowledge, not only in music, but culture and your minds will get opened. Hopefully they’ll come back and make a difference. I think it’s a new beginning for many things to follow". He continued "By this initiative many doors are going to open, many musical leaders being born who can put the knowledge of Western music and the whole infrastructure could even spread the Indian music to a wider extent. I hope it expands amazingly well".

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