The Order of the Sacred Treasure conferred to Dr. Yoshiaki Ishizawa


Dr. Yoshiaki Ishizawa, a Professor at the Sophia Asia Center for Research and Human Development and a member of the Academic Prize Selection Committee, has been awarded with the Order of the Sacred Treasure 2012.

Dr. Ishizawa’s lifetime work in preserving one of the world heritage sites Angkor Wat and in developing human resources in Cambodia have greatly contributed to the studies of south eastern Asia, its education and the academic exchanges between Japan and Cambodia, which is the main reason why he was honored with this order.

When Professor Ang Choulean was awarded the Fukuoka Academic Prize last year, Dr. Ishizawa presented the work and studies of Professor Ang in a number of events organized for the prize. *See details

We would like to express our heartfelt congratulations.


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