Filmmaker Akira Kurosawa Honored with 2013 Jean Renoir Award !

Mr. Akira Kurosawa, Fukuoka’s first Special Commemorative Prize winner, was named honoree of the 2013 Jean Renoir Award by the Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW).


WGAW gives the Jean Renoir Award to an international screenwriter(s) who has made outstanding contributions.  Together with Mr. Kurosawa, Mr. Shinobu Hashimoto, Mr. Ryuzo Kikushima, and Mr. Hideo Oguni were also named honorees who have worked together with the filmmaker on a number of films.

At the award ceremony held in Los Angeles, Mr. Howard A. Roman, Vice President of WGAW, said in his speech.  “These four men, working in loose collaboration, are responsible for writing many, many masterpieces – films that reflect the Japanese culture, and have given all of us a taste of the sublime (extracted from WGAW website).”

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