Tessa Morris-Suzuki Announced 2013 Laureate in Australia


On July 9th, Professor Tessa Morris-Suzuki was announced  the Academic Prize laureate for the Fukuoka Prize 2013 in Canberra, Australia.

Along with the press conference, a notification ceremony was held at the University House Hall of the Australian National University.  Mr. Masanao Nakazono, Deputy Mayor of Fukuoka City, presented a Letter of Notification to the newly announced laureate.

Following celebratory speeches by Mr. Sam Grunhard, Executive Director of the Australian Research Council, and H.E. Mr. Yoshitaka Akimoto, Ambassador of the Embassy of Japan, Prof. Morris-Suzuki gave her acceptance speech.

“East Asia is now the economic powerhouse of the world.  It’s a place of amazing cultural dynamism.  And that makes it more important than ever that the countries of the region should work together and not be called upon by narrow nationalisms.”

In closing, she referred to a Japanese word  minsai which means relations between people, and emphasized the power and possibilities of  minsai when international relations is in difficult state.

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