Prof. Muhammad Yunus awarded the Chancellor's Medal from the UCSD!


Prof. Muhammad Yunus, a laureate of Fukuoka Prize 2001 (Grand Prize) and Nobel Peace Prize 2006, was awarded the Chancellor’s Medal from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) in June 2016!

UCSD has been ranked the No.1 university in the United States for six years consecutive by Washington Monthly, famous for its Collage Guide Rankings, for its contributions to the public good. Prof. Yunus has become the eleventh person to receive the Medal as he embodies UCSD’s ideals through his services and achievements.

Chancellor’s Medal is one of the highest honors given by UCSD, which is presented to an individual or an organization that makes significant contributions by helping local community grow or supporting promising students.

After being presented the Medal, Prof. Yunus delivered both award and commencement speech to 10,000 graduating students at the commencement ceremony.

He encouraged them to do more than just take care of themselves by saying “There’s a wide world waiting for you. The power that you have inside you is unlimited. Even if you want to make use of it just for yourself, you only use a fraction of it. So why not you take care of yourself and at the same time take care of the world?”

He also said that although young people are looking for something meaningful to do, they can’t often find it. Once they get a job they only aim to sustain it, forgetting their ideals. He criticized the current employment and economic system as “the tyranny of employment” which kills creativity for hunting a job.

After Prof. Yunnus’s speech, Chancellor Predeep Khosla talked to the graduates that Yunus’s leadership in the microfinance movement has transformed the world, enabling them to reach for their dreams and achieve their goals. He also encouraged them to explore their unlimited possibilities by making a global citizen with bravery and creativity.



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