Fukuoka Prize 2017 Award Ceremony Held


The 28th Fukuoka Prize Award Ceremony was held at ACROS Fukuoka on September 21(Thur.), 2017.

In the presence of Their Imperial Highness Prince and Princess Akishino, the Award Ceremony opened with the laureates walking throught the audience with a clapping of hands to their seats.

Opening performance by Fukuoka City Children's Choir was followed by the presentation of prize certificates and medals by TAKASHIMA Soichiro, Mayor of Fukuoka City, and ISOYAMA Seiji, Chair of the Fukuoka City International Foundation. Part I ended with the presentation of bouquests by children.

Part II started with the acceptance speeches by the four laureates and the commemorative recital for them by Kyudai Philharmonic Orchestra. Interviews with the laureates and chapei performance by Master KONG Nay, laureates of Arts and Culture Prize, and commemorative performance for the laureates by Ms TERADA Chobi, a Chikuzen Biwa Player, were followed. Master KONG Nay composed "For the Ceremony in Fukuoka"for the day.

Details of the Fukuoka Prize events will be posted on this website (Latest Event Reports here). Photos of the Ceremony and the video of Master KONG Nay's performance will be included on our Facebook.

2017ceremony-sub.jpg In the backstage room for the laureates


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