The Fukuoka Prize 2018 Introduction of Laureates


Before the Award Ceremony, journalists from overseas were invited to the introduction of the laureates, and a Q&A session was held in English.

It began with Mayor TAKASHIMA Soichiro presenting a video to introduce Fukuoka City. He explained that Fukuoka is a compact city with a growing population, which has a good balance between urban area and nature. He also discussed attractive features of the city including the ruins and traditional cultures such as Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival and Fukuoka’s rich food cultures.

He then introduced the laureates. Mr. JIA Zhangke said that the prize would encourage him to continue his film-making work, and Dr. Teejan Bai revealed she was so excited by receiving her first award overseas that she couldn’t sleep the night before.

A commemorative photograph was taken, and then the floor was opened for questions. When asked what his impressions were of Japanese high school students, Mr. JIA replied “I’ve only seen what is portrayed in film, but it seems they are very different from Chinese high school students. I want to say to all of them, though, that while you are young you should expand your horizons to encompass the whole world.”

After a number of enlightening exchanges the press conference came to a close.


Mayor TAKASHIMA giving a presentation, promoting the appeal of Fukuoka City


Laureates and Mayor TAKASHIMA


A foreign reporter asking a question


A high-school reporter asking a question


After the press conference, Laureates are divided into rooms and interviewed individually.


Mr. JIA Zhangke, Grand Prize 2018


Prof. SUEHIRO Akira, Academic Prize 2018


Dr. Teejan Bai, Arts and Culture Prize 2018


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