The 30th Fukuoka Prize anniversary Screening @ Cine-la

* This event has finished. We would like to thank for many visitors to the event.


The 30th Fukuoka Prize Anniversary Screening will be held between 10th to 15th July 2019 at The Fukuoka City Public Library Movie Hall Ciné-là(3-7-1 Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka city).

We will be looking back the 30 years history of the Fukuoka Prize through film screenings with 6 different film works linked with the past Prize laureates in the film world. We look forward to welcoming all of you.

The 30th Fukuoka Prize anniversary Screening
Duration Wednesday 10th July to Monday (National Holiday) 15th July
Fee 500Yen(Adults)400Yen(University and High school students)300Yen(Junior High and Elementary School Students)
Coorperation Fukuoka Prize Committee
Note ※The admission will be closed as soon as the number of audience reaches the limit. Tickets are valid for one program only.
※All the tickets are sold on the day of the screening.No Advance tickets are available.(Each tickets are available from 1 hour before the screening.)
※Free for disabled / handicapped person. 250Yen for the Fukuoka city citizen who is 65 years old and over.(Please present your identification or insurance card.)
※250Yen for the memeber of "Kai Wa".(Please prsent the membership card.)


【 11:00 on Wednesday 10th July, 11:00 on Saturday 13th July】

Director:KUROSAWA Akira
Starring:MIFUNE Toshiro, KYO Machiko
1950/35mm/black-and-white film/88mins/Daiei Film
The director KUROSAWA Akira is the laureate of the Special Commemorative Prize in the 1st Fukuoka Prize in 1990.

【14:00 on Wednesday 10th July, 14:00 on Saturday 13th July】

'A Peck on the Cheek'
Director:Mani RATNAM
2002/35mm/Color/136mins/India/Japanese and English Subtitles
A.R.RAHMAN who composed music for the film is the Grand Prize laureate from the 27th Fukuoka Prize in 2016.

【11:00 on Thursday 11th July, 11:00 on Sunday 14th July】

'Yellow Earth'
Director:CHEN Kaige
Cinematography:ZHANG Yimou
Starring:XUE Bai, WANG Xueqi
1984/35mm/Color/90mins/China/Japanese Subtitles
ZHANG Yimou is the laureate of the Grand Prize of the 13th Fukuoka Prize in 2002.

【 14:00 on Thursday 11th July, 14:00 on Sunday 14th July】

Director:IM Kwon-taek
Starring:CHO Seung-woo, LEE Hyo-jeong 
2000/35mm/Color/121mins/Korea/Japanese and English Subtitles
The Director IM Kwon-taek is the Arts and Culture Prize laureate from the 8th Fukuoka Prize in 1997.

【11:00 on Friday 12th July, 11:00 on Monday (National Holiday) 15th July】

'Dust in the Wind'
Director:HOU Hsiao hsien
Starring:WU Nien-jen, CHU T'ien-wen
1987/35mm/Color/110mins/Taiwan/Japanese Subtitles
Director HOU Hsiao-hsien is the Grand Prize laureate from the 10th Fukuoka Prize in 1999.

【14:00 on Friday 12th July, 14:00 on Monday (National Holiday) 15th July】

'Ordinary Heroes'
Director:Ann HUI
Starring:LEE Kang-sheng, Rachel LEE
1999/35mm/Color/128mins/Hong Kong/Japanese and English Subtitles
Director Ann HUI is the Grand Prize laureate from the 19th Fukuoka Prize in 2008.

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