Notes for who wish to come to the Award Ceremony and the Symposium

Notes on your application

①The application for the entry to the Award Ceremony and the Symposium is limited to one application per person.

②Up to two persons can apply per application.

③In case of too many applications, they will be chosen by random selection

④The admission ticket will be delivered to the applicants by Friday 30th August.

⑤Only the admission ticket winners will be notified of their winning by the delivery of the admission tickets.

Notes at the time of your entry to the hall

⑥At the time of admission, please bring ‘one photo identification (i.e. a driving license, passport or Individual Number Card, student Identification card, certification of persons with physical disabilities)’ and ‘admission ticket (which will be sent to you later)’ which will be required for the identification at the entry.

※If you do not have a photo identification, please bring two items from the following list of identification documents issued from public institutions (no photocopied versions are allowed).
〈the example for Identification without photo〉
・Health insurance card
・Nursing care insurance card
・Latter-stage elderly healthcare system insurance card
・Pension book
・Child allowance certificate
・Certificate of Personal Seal Registration
(Personal Seal registration form is not allowed)
・Copy of resident card
・Certificate of entry in the resident card

⑦We would appreciate your cooperation during the metal detector inspection and luggage inspection at the admission.

⑧Please keep the entry ticket with you during the event.

⑨The transfer of the entry ticket is strictly prohibited.

Notes on the seating

⑩All seats are reserved. ( Your seat information is noted on the admission pass)

⑪Please note that two seats may be allocated for the two listed people in one application, however when two people apply separately for the entry ticket, they will be allocated separate seats.

Notes inside the hall

⑫It is prohibited to bring a large luggage, hazardous items, food, drinks and plastic bottles into the event hall. (You may use the vending machines and the restaurant inside the hall.)

⑬Taking photographs and recording video inside the event hall are not permitted.

⑭Please either turn your mobile phones and smartphones off or switch them to silent mode and refrain from using them in the event hall.

⑮Inside the event hall, please cooperate and follow the guidance of the official staffs.

Notes on the re-entry

⑯In case of re-entry, you will have to go through the security check again.

Other notes

⑰A large crowd is expected on the day so please plan your journey to the event hall with a plenty of time.

⑱Please use the public transportation when you come to the event.

The personal data which is provided in your application will only be used for the safety measures, and for the management the conduct of the events. This includes issuing the admission tickets, making the list for participants, identity check upon admission, and provision of information to the relevant organizations for the safe and smooth proceeding the event.