Obituary - Dr. Tetsu Nakamura, Grand Prize laureate of the 24th Fukuoka Prize in 2013

Dr. Tetsu Nakamura who is the Grand Prize laureate of the 24th Fukuoka Prize in 2013 has passed away on the 4th December 2019.

He has continued the humanitarian activities for medical and irrigation development in villages for the patients, poor and disadvantaged people in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. He has continued to practice his international aid support to spread the idea of mutual understanding and respect despite the cultural differences. In October this year, he was awarded honorary citizenship from the Afghan government for his humanitarian work and his future success was greatly anticipated.

On the occasion of the award reception in 2013, he held the Public forum titled 'Securing Safe Water in Afghanistan - Thirty Years of International Medical Aid' and gave lectures at three junior high and high schools in Fukuoka city. He has a close connection with Fukuoka, and was a significant figure for the Fukuoka Prize.

In the memory of Dr. Tetsu Nakamura's numerous achievements, we wish to express our deepest condolences on his loss.

Secretariat of the Fukuoka Prize Committee

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