Nominations for the 30th Fukuoka Prize

Deadline : October 22, 2018

We are pleased to invite academic institutions, arts and culture organizations, and news media from various countries and regions, especially from the regions of Asia to submit nominations for the Fukuoka Prize.

Prizes shall be presented to individuals or organizations that have made outstanding achievements in their respective fields and are expected to make further contributions in the future. We also welcome your nominations for those from the younger generations.

Please read the Nomination Guidelines before nominations, then enter the necessary information in the online form, or send the completed nomination form(s) by mail, e-mail, or fax to the Secretariat of the Fukuoka Prize Committee.

Fukuoka Prize Online Nomination Form

Nomination forms are available for download in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF versions.

MS Word version

Adobe PDF version

Timeline of Nomination

Two-year Nomination Cycle / We invite nominations every other year and the nominations remain active for a period of two years.
Additional Recommendation / we also accept additional recommendations in the second year of the Two-year Nomination Cycle.
Late September
Deadline for the submission of nomination.
September - December
Preliminary documents of the nominated candidates are prepared by the Secretariat.
Late January - Early February
Selection meetings for the Academic Prize and the Arts and Culture Prize are held to shortlist the most likely candidates.
Late March
The Fukuoka Prize Jury meeting is held to make a final informal decision on the prize winners upon consideration on their achievements and deliberation in a comprehensive manner.
Early June
The prize winners are officially acknowledged by the Prize Committee. A press conference in Fukuoka is held on the same day.

FAQs about Nominations

I've unexpectedly received a nomination request letter. What should I do?

The Fukuoka Prize was established in 1990 through the collaboration among academia, businesses, and the Fukuoka City for the purpose of promoting and understanding the distinctive cultures of Asia, as well as contributing to peace.

Since its inception, many distinguished individuals have been awarded. Previous laureates include Mr. Donald Keen, a noted scholar of Japanese literature and culture, Mr. Muhammad Yunus who received the Nobel Peace Prize, and Mr. Mo yan who also received the Nobel Literature Prize afterward.

The Fukuoka Prize Committee widely welcomes nominations from members of academic societies and associations, arts and cultural organizations, and the media.

Nominators are selected based on the recommendations by current nominators or by information from academic journals or website of relevant institutions.

We are requesting nominations from you because of your deep knowledge and great contribution in your field.

We would like to ask for your kind cooperation on the recommendation of candidates when you receive a letter of nomination request. (Please refer to the Nomination Guidelines when nominating a candidate.)

Will the document be returned to the nominator at the end of the selection process?

Please be advised that all the documents submitted to the committee will not be returned to the nominators.

What if there is no appropriate candidate for a given year?

We welcome your recommendation in any given year when you have any individual or organization you wish to nominate. Even in the case you are not making any nomination, we appreciate your response if your e-mail or postal address has changed.

We've attempted to answer many of nominators' commonly asked questions. Please refer to the FAQs about Nominations that may answer your questions.