― Looking back on the 30-year history of Fukuoka Prize.

Welcome to our special website
dedicated to the 30-year history of Fukuoka Prize.
We will share the messages
from the past Fukuoka Prize laureates,
as well as the video footage of the past events.
Please enjoy Asia's unique and varied cultures.

Message from the past Prize Laureates

Having reached its 30th anniversary,
we received new messages from the past laureates in regards to their thoughts on Fukuoka Prize
and what they expect to Fukuoka Prize in the future.

Ezra F. VOGEL/ Grand Prize 2014

It was a great honor to be selected to receive the Fukuoka Prize. And I expect that the Fukuoka Prize will continue to link Fukuoka with the international community. Finally I believe that Japan can play a bigger role in international affairs and I believe Fukuoka as a link between Japan and other parts of Asia, as a cosmopolitan city, that it has a special role to play.      …

Scenes from the events

We will deliver the highlights of the Award Ceremony,
the video footage of the Acceptance Speeches,
recitals of dance and music,
and exchange events between the laureates and students.
We hope you will enjoy watching them as you can watch them only on this website.

Highlights of the Fukuoka Prize 2019 Award Ceremony