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About Prize Certificates and Medals

Prize Certificates and Medals

The prize certificates and medals, along with the prize money, are presented to the laureates at the award ceremony held in Fukuoka every September.

Prize Certificate

Prize Certificate

The cover of the prize certificate is made of Hakata textiles. Hakata textile is the most representative local art craft in Fukuoka. It was recognized by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry as a traditional craft. The design of the certificate may be subject to change.

Prize Medal

Prize Medal

The Cotton rosemallow was selected as the summer flower of Fukuoka City in October, 1979 on the occasion of the city’s 90th anniversary celebrations.

The prize medals, designed after this official flower of the city, are presented to the laureates. This big pink flower comes into bloom during August to October, during the same time as the Fukuoka Prize award ceremony and official events.

We wish the Fukuoka Prize will full-bloom as hundreds of beautiful flowers come out all at once in season.

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