FAQs about Nominations

I've unexpectedly received a nomination request letter. What should I do?

The Fukuoka Prize Committee widely welcomes nominations from members of academic societies and associations, arts and cultural organizations, and the media.

Nominators are selected based on the recommendations by current nominators or by information from academic journals or website of relevant institutions.

We are requesting nominations from you because of your deep knowledge and great contribution in your field.

We would like to ask for your kind cooperation on the recommendation of candidates when you receive a letter of nomination request. Please refer to the Nomination Guidelines when nominating a candidate. The nomination request is sent every year, however we would be grateful for your notification on request to stop the nomination request, change of address, or e-mail address.

Who is selected as a nominator?

The Fukuoka Prize Committee selects nominators and they include;

  • Faculty members of universities such as president, department heads, professors, associate professosr, and assistant professors
  • Members of academic societies and associations such as representatives, members, and assosite memebers
  • Representatives/members of arts and cultural organizations
  • Those in the news media, publishing businesses
  • Laureates of other prestigeous cultural prizes
  • Authorities or experts whom the Committee considers as qualified nominators
The nominator ( the addressee of the nomination request) has been changed, retired or deceased.

We would greatly appreciate for your contact to the Committee to notify the detail.

In case the nomination request is addressed to a position in an organization, we may ask the successor to give nomination.

Is there an age requirement for candidates?

There is no specific minimum or maximum age limit for candidates though posthumous nominations will not be considered.

We also welcome your nominations for those from the younger generation, who have made outstanding achievements in their respective fields and at the same time whose great contributions are further expected in the future, would be most welcomed.

Is self-nomination possible?

We will not accept any self-nominations.

Please refer to our Special instructions.Please be advised that your nomination will not be counted if it is a self-nomination.

Will the document be returned to the nominator at the end of the selection process?

Please be advised that all the documents submitted to the committee will not be returned to the nominators.

What if there is no appropriate candidate for a given year?

If you are not making any nomination this time, we welcome your recommendation in the next opportunity.

I want to know the reason why the person I recommended did not receive the Prize.

We are afraid that we won't be able to disclose the detail of the selection process.

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