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Roots and Wings: How Shahzia Sikander Became an Artist

Roots and Wings: How Shahzia Sikander Became an Artist

Written by Ms.Shahzia SIKANDER, the Arts and Culture Prize laureate of the Fukuoka Prize 2022.

  • ■Author:Shahzia SIKANDER
  • ■Publisher:Museum of Modern Art, New York; Illustrated edition
  • ■Release Date:11th May 2021
  • ■Paperback
  • ■Language:English
  • ■ISBN:9781633450356


Featured in the Society of Illustrators' The Original Art 2021 exhibition

By Shahzia Sikander and Amy Novesky. Illustrated by Hanna Barczyk

Growing up in Lahore, Pakistan, Shahzia flew kites, ate fruit from jamun trees, and devoured Russian fairy tales, American Westerns, and Bollywood films. She also read poetry in Urdu, her own language, and learned the slow and detailed painting technique of Indo-Persian miniatures. And when she moved far from home to study art, she brought her roots with her.

Roots and Wings is a deeply personal story about how an artist grows. It is based on the childhood of Shahzia Sikander, one of the most exciting and celebrated artists working today. 40 pp.; illustrated throughout.(Quotation from MoMA Design Store)

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