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Extraordinary Realities

Extraordinary Realities

Written by Ms.Shahzia SIKANDER, the Arts and Culture Prize laureate of the Fukuoka Prize 2022.

  • ■Author:Shahzia SIKANDER
  • ■Publisher:HIRMER 
  • ■Release Date:2021
  • ■Paperback
  • ■Language:English
  • ■ISBN:9783777435596

This lively volume presents her powerful early work, created between 1987 and 2003, from South Asian, West Asian, and Western perspectives, illuminating new understandings for a wide audience. Charting her early development as an artist in Lahore and the United States, the book reclaims her critical role in bringing miniature painting into dialogue with contemporary art, especially in Pakistan, international art discourse of the 1990s, and contemporary global practices and debates.(Quotation from HIRMER)

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