Thursday, September 29, 13:25 - 15:15(JST)
Fukuoka Futaba Senior High School

Arts and Culture Prize 2022 laureate, Ms. Shahzia SIKANDER visited Fukuoka Futaba Senior High School in the central ward of Fukuoka City.

Ms. Sikander was welcomed with a bouquet of flowers and loud applause from students from both the junior high and senior high schools who had gathered in the auditorium. Projecting her own work on the screen, Ms. Sikander explained her thoughts on identity and how she incorporates different cultures and their histories into her work. Ms. Sikander said that the more diverse the categories of race and religion, the more elements to consider, and the more broadly connected the work becomes, the more it can be understood by viewers with a wide range of viewpoints. After the lecture, a section of her video work "Disruption as Rapture," which was displayed at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, was shown to the students who enjoyed the magical music and stunning visual beauty of the work.

A representative team of students asked Ms. Sikander questions during the latter half of the session, and she talked about how she came to the U.S. from her native Pakistan and what was most important in her life. Afterwards, the students and Ms. Sikander engaged in an enthusiastic exchange of views on a number of topics, including the gender disparity issues facing female artists and the inequalities experienced by the politically and economically disadvantaged.

In closing, she said, "It is important to first understand ourselves and think about the community to which we belong. By working together, we can find solutions to our problems. Also, always remember to push the limits, to learn, to take on various challenges, and to grow.” The message was followed by a warm round of applause from the students.

*The exhibition at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum has ended.