Award Citation

Royal professor Ungku A. Aziz is a leading economist in Malaysia. His excellent and versatile achievements in his positivistic studies of Malaysia's economy are unparalleled. In particular, his studies on the subdivision of rubber estates in the de-colonization period are worth particular mention because they deal with an extremely important factor in the creation of economic actual policies by an independent nation. In addition, Professor Aziz, as an economist, has not only tackled theoretical economic issues, but also the problems of rural poverty. The poverty issue, profoundly important to a multiethnic country like Malaysia, is directly connected to a nation's survival as an independent state. His pioneer works in rural development and the land system are still regarded as a model research projects.

Professor Aziz has also made a great contribution to education and human resource development. Such a contribution was made possible because of his abundant experience and insightful achievements in research work. While promoting the use of the Malaysian language at higher education level, including universities, educational organizations and research institutions, Professor Aziz has continued to play a leading role in academic circles as one of the founders of the Malaysian Economics Association. It was only natural that he should be appointed the first ever Malaysian Professor and Vice-Chancellor at the University of Malaya. He also remains the only Malaysian academic to have been decorated with the title of Royal Professor.

Furthermore, Professor Aziz has made a great contribution to the promotion of cultural exchange between ASEAN countries, as well as other Southeast Asian and Asian countries. He has held the post of President of the Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning and earnestly advocates the establishment of an ASEAN University. His intellectual leadership, both internationally and in the Southeast Asian region, is highly valued. Professor Aziz has maintained a close relationship with Japan and it is well-known that he has devoted himself to the promotion of scientific exchange between Malaysia and Japan. Professor Aziz is currently serving as President of the National Cooperative Organization of Malaysia (ANGKASA) whilst vigorously pursuing his activities as an action economist.

Royal Professor Ungku A. Aziz's academic achievements and diverse activities have contributed greatly to the advancement of Asian culture and education. He is a truly worthy recipient of the Fukuoka Asian Cultural Prizes' International Academic Prize.