[ Fukuoka Prize 2022 Award Ceremony ]

On Thursday 22nd December, Fukuoka Prize 2022 Award Ceremony, sponsored by Fukuoka City International Foundation and Fukuoka City was held in the Fukuoka International Congress Center. Due to prevention of spread of COVID-19, it was held with no audience and only authorized personals were allowed in the venue. Their Imperial Highnesses Crown Prince and Princess Akishino have also attended the ceremony.

The ceremony has kick started with the opening clip linked with the projection mapping image.
When the Grand Prize laureate, Mr. HAYASHI Eitetsu, the Academic Prize laureate, Professor. Timon SCREECH, and the Arts and Culture Prize laureate, Ms. Shahzia SIKANDER appeared on the stage, the hall was filled with congratulatory applause.

First, Mr. TAKASHIMA Soichiro, Mayor of Fukuoka City, addressed the audience on behalf of the organizers. He mentioned that the role of Fukuoka Prize which spread widely about the various cultures of Asia and their values would become even more important than ever because of the need to achieve a sustainable and diverse society.

[ Welcome Remarks : TAKASHIMA Soichiro, Mayor of Fukuoka City ]

Next, His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Akishino offered his celebration message by saying ‘… believe that by being shared with society as a whole, the outstanding achievements of the three laureates will become a valuable asset of humankind to be passed on to future generations, with the Fukuoka Prize acknowledging the significance of these achievements not only for Asia, but also for the world at large.’

Then the Jurors’ statements were read out and the video introductions of the laureates’ achievements took place followed by the presentation of the certificates and the medals. In their Acceptance speeches and interviews, Professor SCREECH said that Fukuoka has been known over the centuries as a site of international encounter,... I am especially delighted and honored to receive a prize awarded by the people of Fukuoka. Then Ms. SIKANDER concluded her speech by saying that she dedicates the prize to the younger generation in their recognition and celebration of Asian knowledge, history and innovation. And Mr. HAYASHI expressed that he believes that the sound and expression of Taiko is necessary to make people feel positive in this day and age when the winds of the worlds are blowing so violently and I will try to strive for such expression in the future. Each laureates gave a passionate speech in their own words.

[ Academic Prize : Timon SCREECH ]
[ Arts and Culture Prize:Shahzia SIKANDER ]
[ Grand Prize : HAYASHI Eitetsu ]

Lastly, as the screening of performance by Mr. HAYASHI Eitetsu was shown followed by the presentation of flower bouquets to the laureates, the Fukuoka Prize 2022 Award Ceremony was closed with splendid atmosphere.