Mr. Ju Ming, Fukuoka Prize 2007 Arts and Culture Prize laureate, has passed away on the 22nd April 2023.

Mr. Ju Ming is one of the leading sculptors in Asia. His powerful and distinctive works, which draw upon both traditional and modern sculpture, portray vividly the profound world of Eastern spirituality, and stand in a class of their own. He has also rendered great service in propagating art, especially by founding the Juming Museum.

Up on his receipt of his award in 2007, he attended the award ceremony and gave his lecture in Fukuoka Asian Art Museum where his exhibition ‘Ju Ming exhibition’ and talked about the quintessence of his art; ‘art is a spiritual discipline’ in front of his work transported from Taiwan. Other art works by Mr. Ming were presented in a slideshow and many questions were posed one after another in the packed hall of more than 120 people.  Moreover in his school visit, Mr. Ming interacted with many Fukuoka citizens by holding a special art class with a concept of “Art with Everyday Materials” where children could create their original masks using materials such as sponges and plastic bottles. 

In memory of his many achievements, we would like to send our sincere condolences to his family.

Secretariat of Fukuoka Prize Committee