Laureates of the Fukuoka Prize 2023 Announced !

Laureates of the Fukuoka Prize 2023 were announced.

The Fukuoka Prize Committee has given final approval to the laureates selected by the Prize Jury.

The laureates for the fiscal year 2023 are as follows :

Grand Prize 2023

Thongchai WINICHAKUL(Historian)

Professor Thongchai Winichakul is a historian who has investigated how the modern concept of nations and national citizenship creeped into people's hearts and took root there, by focusing on the making and use of maps. His work has had significant influence on humanities and social sciences globally. He continues to support and lead the development of political awareness and activism among Thai students and citizens, and to contribute to connecting universities with wider society for the development of democracy and civil society. 

Academic Prize 2023

Khatharya UM(Political Scientist, Scholar of Southeast Asian Studies)

Professor Khatharya Um is an eminent political scientist and scholar of Southeast Asian Studies, as well as an international educator who devotes herself to training the next generation. To promote global peace and justice, she has investigated the tragic history of her own country of Cambodia. Through her sharp analysis focused on the sufferings of immigrants and refugees, she has carved out a path for a new research field, and has also striven to build a civic solidarity transcending national borders.

Arts and Culture Prize 2023

ZHANG Lu(Film Director)

Zhang Lu is a film maker who represents East Asia in the 21st century. Setting his films in provincial cities in China, Korea and Japan, and by working together with actors and crews from each country, he expresses a vision of cross-cultural reconciliation and symbiosis in his works. He has been creating a unique body of work regarded as “East Asian cinema” that transcends nationality and borders.