Symposium with the theme of 'The coexistence of developing Asia and its cultures-What Fukuoka Prize and the successive Prize laureates have protected, nurtured and newly created in last 30 years' will be held.

The standardized and equalized way of thinking and life style has also been spread within the Asian region due to the worldwide trend of progressive globalization and rapid social development.

Having this situation in mind, in this Symposium the successive Prize laureates will send the message directly to the citizens about how significant and important it is to preserve and inherit the unique and various cultures as well as to create a new culture in Asian region in order to realize the sustainable Asian societies. Additionally, the purpose of this Symposium is to pass on the Fukuoka Prize as the citizens' asset for the next generation by sharing and enriching their understanding of the roles and values of what the Fukuoka Prize has so far archived.

The event outline

Title 'The coexistence of developing Asia and its cultures-What Fukuoka Prize and the successive Prize laureates have protected, nurtured and newly created in last 30 years'
Date Tuesday, 10th September 2019 (15:00-16:30) (tentative)
Venue Multi-Purpose Hall, Fukuoka International Congress Center 2F(2-1 Sekijo-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City)
Fee Free
How to apply Please apply with the application form on the website after reading <Notes>. The deadline for the application is Friday 23rd August.
Sponsor Fukuoka City/ (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation) International Foundation


The 23rd Arts and Culture Prize laureate 2012 Kidlat Tahimik
Philippines / Filmmaker, Installation/ Performance Artist, Culture Observer

  • He is referred to as the "Father of Philippine Independent Cinema"
  • His film Perfumed Nightmare (1977) has won the International Critics Award in Berlin International Film Festival
  • He was bestowed The Order of National Artists by the president of the Philippines in 2018.


The 26th Arts and Culture Prize laureate 2015 Minh Hanh
Vietnam/ Fashion Designer

  • She created contemporary fashions by fusing ao dai and time-honored embroideries and fabrics inherited among Vietnamese ethnic minorities. She also supported to develop young designers and made contribution to the development of fashion culture in Vietnam.


The 28th Grand Prize laureate 2017 Pasuk PHONGPAICHIT & Chris BAKER
Thai/ Economist & UK/ Historian

  • The internationally renowned intellectuals and they use their multidisciplinary and comprehensive analysis of the social changes which Thailand has experienced, an analysis based on a combination of Western and Eastern intellectual approaches, and of methodologies from the social sciences and the humanities, which has added breadth and depth to academic research, in both subject-matter and methodology, in a fresh and distinctively Asian way.

The 29th Academic Prize laureate 2018 SUEHIRO Akira
Japan / Economist, Expert in Area Studies (Thailand)

  • He is one of the leading Japanese scholars of Asian economic studies.
  • His academic works, founded on his studies of the Thai economy, have elucidated the industrialization process across whole Asia and the realities of the Asian economies, and he has taken a leading part in Asian studies in Japan.
  • He has also contributed to the organization of Asian Studies and to training the younger generation of researchers.