Laureates of the Fukuoka Prize 2022 were announced.

The Fukuoka Prize Committee has given final approval to the laureates selected by the Prize Jury.

The laureates of the fiscal year 2022 are as follows :

Grand Prize 2022


Japan Taiko Drummer
Mr. Hayashi Eitetsu is an internationally active musician who has been constantly at the forefront of creative interpretations of taiko music. Mr. Hayashi has dramatically achieved an entirely new form of performing art by building on the foundations of traditional taiko with the strength and beauty of physical movements. He tirelessly devotes his efforts and passion to the pursuit of original expression and the achievement of the perfect performance.

Academic Prize 2022


U.K. / Art Historian
Professor Timon Screech is an art historian specializing in the Edo period. He is a Japanologist with profound knowledge who continues uncovering history that remains in visual materials. He has produced a succession of publications that have attracted much attention and impacted the academic world in Japan and abroad. His multifaceted and global perspectives as well as innovative methodology have opened up new horizons on Edo studies.

Arts and Culture Prize 2022


U.S.A. / Artist
Ms. Shahzia Sikander is a leading South Asian artist. She has brought new life and contemporary significance to traditional art forms by making full use of the latest digital technology in the world of miniature painting, which follows conventions dating back to the Mughal Empire. By metaphorically depicting the grave problems facing the world through contemporary forms, she has become a role model for female artists in South Asia and continues to pave the way for future younger generations to follow.