Award Citation

Manabe Daito is a multitalented artist who is also active as an interaction designer, programmer and DJ. He has launched multiple pioneering projects such as collaborating with the Japanese synth-pop group, Perfume, since 2010, and his augmented-reality presentation at the Flag Handover Ceremony, Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Manabe's creativity is inspired by advanced media technology, and he has always been the first to adopt smart phones, tablets, drones, machine learning and AI and other technology into his projects as soon as it becomes available. He develops technology into unconventional means of expression and communication. His experimental and high-quality work is highly acclaimed around the world, and he has become a charismatic figure for creative professionals who are aspiring as media artists.

Born in Tokyo in 1976, Manabe went on to graduate from the Department of Mathematics at Tokyo University of Science, and completed his further education at the International Academy of Media Arts and Science (IAMAS). During his undergraduate years, he specialized in mathematics and honed his logical thinking skills, and at IAMAS, he applied these skills into his artistic practices. After graduating from IAMAS in 2006, he co-founded Rhizomatiks and worked on both experimental art production and business-commissioned work. He also proved himself as a talented entrepreneur who developed numerous global projects. His talents did not stop there; he now also performs as a musician and video jockey (VJ) at many music festivals.

These experiences drive his work, which is consistently based on his experimentation with fusing science, technology and art. For example, he has made diverse collaborative projects that successfully blend these fields, including Sensing Streams - invisible, inaudible (2014) with Sakamoto Ryūichi; Mouth Mantra (2015) with Björk; Terminal Slam (2020) with Squarepusher; Incendio (2023) with Arca; Dissonant Imaginary (2019) with Professor of Neuroinformatics Kamitani Yukiyasu; and also with scientific institutions like the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Jodrell Bank Center for Astrophysics.

Manabe combines the expressions of the human body, such as song and dance, with science and technology, thus expressing these fields as a new form of art. In doing so, his work forces viewers to think about the future of art, and presents these technologies as potential form of new entertainment. In a society where real and virtual worlds are progressively intertwined, Manabe Daito continues through his work to present fascinating visions of the futures that people can choose from backed by his profound technological knowledge. As such, he is not only pride of Asia but the world and is therefore truly worthy of the Grand Prize.


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