Award Citation

Mr. Kurosawa Akira is one of the world's most renowned film producers and directors of Japan.

His achievements and the awards received at various international film festivals are too numerous to mention, so only his well noted ones will be commented on. RASHOMON which he produced in 1950 won the Grand Prix at the 12th Venice International Cinema Festival which drew worldwide attention as well as the recognition of a quality cinema industry existing in Japan.

Mr. Kurosawa's film production tended to strive and seek to delve into the human conscience and sense of responsibility by using rough and dramatic methods of expression, as well as employing introspective themes to attain his objective. After that, he was awarded the SILVER BEAR PRIZE at the Film Festival in Berlin for his film IKIRU produced in 1952. In 1965 his film AKAHIGE won the Mayor of Venice Prize at the 26th Venice Film Festival. Furthermore, in 1976 he received the highest foreign film award for DERSU UZALA produced in 1976. In 1979 he received the International Cinema Special Honor Award from Moscow. In 1980 he was awarded the grand Prix at the Canne International Film Festival for KAGEMUSHA, and in this manner, the awards he received solidified his ground for future progress in his film career. Since then he has produced, RAN, YUME and is still energetically engaged in the production of new films.

He has also received The Ramon Magsaysay Award honoring distinguished Asian persons. Furthermore, in June of this year he received the Japan Society Award given to persons who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of understanding between Japan and America. Thus, Mr. Kurosawa's remarkable accomplishments are not only limited to the cinema field, but extend to far greater areas including culture and other fields. In March of this year, the American Academy of Film Arts evaluated him as a Cinema Giant not only of Japan, but also of the world. Through many of his films he gave enjoyment and pleasure to fans throughout the world; moreover his accomplishments in favorably influencing movie producers saw him awarded the 62nd Academy Special Honorary Award. As such he is looked upon by many excellent cinema talents as a great master, and his influence is indeed great.

To this end, Mr. Akira Kurosawa's accomplishments make him certainly worthy of The Fukuoka Asian Cultural Prizes - The 1990 Special Commemorative Prize.