Laureates of the Fukuoka Prize 2024 were announced.

The Fukuoka Prize Committee has given final approval to the laureates selected by the Prize Jury.

The laureates for the fiscal year 2024 are as follows :

Grand Prize 2024

MANABE Daito | Artist, Programmer, DJ

Manabe Daito is an artist who utilizes advanced technologies as a means for expression and communication without being confined by any conventional boundaries. He continues to produce artwork and projects that combine artistic expression, including song and dance, with more rigid media such as science and technology, thus turning these “subjects” into a new form of art. In doing so, Manabe’s work forces viewers to think about the future of art, and presents these technologies as potential form of new entertainment.


Academic Prize 2024

Sunil AMRITH | Historian

Sunil Amrith is a historian specializing in Asian history that transcends national borders, focusing on the Bay of Bengal and the surrounding South and Southeast Asian regions. In his recent work, he discusses the relationship between humans and the natural environment from environmental, economic, political and ideological perspectives. He studies “global history” by interweaving contemporary issues such as climate change into the historical drama.

Arts and Culture Prize 2024

Kimsooja | Artist

Kimsooja is an artist who became internationally recognized in the 1990s for her work on Asian cultures. Besides her utilization of traditional Korean bottari wrapping cloth and her audio-visual works, she is famous for her installations that use the properties of light to display a rainbow of colors throughout spaces. Her artistic techniques lead us to a grand view of the universe and universal truths, and make us aware of the harmony and balance in the world.